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WellFirst Health — provided by SSM health Plan — is excited to bring new Medicare coverage to your area. With WellFirst Health, you'll find comprehensive Medicare coverage combined with access to quality care and a strong network of providers. 

You'll find WellFirst Health Medicare Advantage plans available if you live in St. Louis city and the surrounding four-county service area in Missouri and Illinois: Madison, St. Clair, St. Charles and St. Louis counties.

All Medicare Advantage Plans offered by WellFirst Health include medical and comprehensive dental coverage. Most plans include prescription drug coverage, and select plans cover in-home and virtual support and companionship or a Part B monthly premium reduction. All plans have added benefits like over-the-counter allowance, hearing, vision, transportation, post-discharge meals, chiropractic, nurse line, gym membership and wellness rewards.

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The added benefits of our Medicare Advantage options offer you comprehensive coverage that fits your budget and health care needs. 

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See information about health insurance, resources and support for our Medicare Advantage members. 

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